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ReactJS site with Firebase authentication, proxy server for live scores via ESPNCricinfo API.

  • ReactJS
  • D3.js
  • Socket.IO
  • Firebase
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • TailwindCSS
  • Javascript

Cric-o-Pedia is an innovative online platform designed for cricket enthusiasts. It serves as a comprehensive hub for accessing, visualizing, and discussing cricket statistics. The project focuses on enhancing the cricket-watching experience by offering features like live game streaming, interactive data visualizations, and community-building tools for fans worldwide.

Design Thinking

Problem Statement

Navigating the vast world of cricket statistics can be daunting, especially for newcomers to the sport. Regular fans also face challenges in finding a unified platform that offers comprehensive player and team statistics, as well as a community for shared fan experiences.


Cric-o-Pedia is an online cricketing hub tailored to fans at all engagement levels. We provide live game streaming, global fan interaction, easy-to-understand statistical visualizations, and community building among cricket enthusiasts.

Literature Review

Our review spanned topics such as interactive design, online sports engagement, and data visualization. We studied academic papers covering user interaction in sports and the psychology of sports spectating, including insights on cricket fan behavior and sports data visualization (Mishra & Singh, 2018; Singh et al., 2019; Centieiro et al., 2013; Gantz & Wenner, 1991; Melnick, 1993; Ko et al., 2016; Zhi et al., 2019; Zhi & Metoyer, 2020; Hearst & Tory, 2019; Geerts et al., 2008).

User-Centered Design (UCD)

User Groups

  • Newcomers to cricket seeking knowledge
  • Regular viewers looking for a community
  • Enthusiasts interested in in-depth cricket statistics

Requirements and Methodology

Interviews and surveys were conducted to collect qualitative and quantitative data. This helped us to gain insights into the different user interactions with cricket content.

Scenarios and Personas

We developed personas and scenarios based on our research findings, ensuring that Cric-o-Pedia caters to the diverse needs of cricket fans. Below is an affinity map of our findings. Based on this, we developed user personas and scenarios.

Affinity Map

Competitive Analysis

We analyzed competitors like Cricbuzz, BCCI.tv, and ESPN Cricinfo to identify market gaps and to differentiate Cric-o-Pedia in the online cricket platform space.

Findings and Key Takeaways

Our research revealed the need for a platform offering organized data access, a text-based chat system for live matches, and a vibrant community for cricket fans.

User Evaluation

User feedback has been vital in refining Cric-o-Pedia, with a focus on user-friendly design and engaging features.

Technical Details

What is the MVP?

Cricket Statistics Visualization and Community Engagement System: The platform allows users to access detailed player and team statistics, visualize these statistics interactively, and engage with a global community of cricket fans.

Key features include:

  • Live game streaming and match updates.
  • Interactive visualizations of player and team statistics.
  • Global fan interaction and community-building tools.
  • User profiles for personalized experiences.
  • Discussion forums and chat systems for live matches.
  • Integration with cricket data APIs for real-time statistics.
  • Tools for fans to connect and support their favorite teams.
  • Admin capabilities for content moderation and community management.

Built with

Note: Compatible with modern web browsers and devices.

Data Resources

  • Unofficial Crickbuzz API by API Dojo on Rapid API
  • Cricsheet

Project Plan

Our project plan includes a Gantt chart, extensive literature review, competitive analysis, and a blend of interviews and surveys to thoroughly understand our user base. This approach led to the development of user personas, task flows, and scenarios.


  • Successfully engaged a global audience of cricket fans.
  • Recognized for innovative use of data visualization in sports analytics.
  • High user satisfaction and engagement rates.

Conclusion and Future Directions

Our insights have shaped Cric-o-Pedia into a platform that effectively addresses the needs of cricket fans. We are committed to continuously improving and updating the platform based on user feedback and the evolving landscape of cricket viewership.




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