Jaideep Guntupallihey, I'm Jaideep 👋

Born 22 years ago. I'm a software engineer immersed in React logomarkReact, Next.js logomarkNext.js and a hardcore Typescript logomarkTypeScripter. Building exceptional and accessible digital experiences is my forte, honed through my adventures in startups, leading tech firms and contributions to open-source projects. Currently, I am building huddl.one , a platform for programmers to connect and learn.

And also as a student at IIIT Delhi, I am immersing myself in the complexities of Computer Science. If you want to get in touch, I'm most responsive over email and I tend to be pretty active on X and LinkedIn too.

Recent Posts

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Recent Work

I'm a big fan of open source and I try to contribute to it as much as I can. Here are some of my recent projects:

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