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Real-time chat web app with ReactJS frontend, NodeJS backend, MySQL database, and Socket.io for instant communication.

  • Javascript
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • MySQL
  • Socket.io
  • TailwindCSS

Messaging Web App is a comprehensive messaging platform designed to enhance online communication through a variety of user-centric features.


What is the project?

The Messaging Web App is a web-based communication platform. It provides a variety of features that allow users to interact and communicate in a personalized and efficient manner. This platform supports both individual and group messaging, offering functionalities like profile customization, media sharing, and admin controls for groups.

What is the MVP?

The core feature of the Messaging Web App is its user-friendly interface for personal and group messaging. Key MVP elements include:

  • User Profiles: Customization of user profiles with name, picture, and bio.
  • Group Messaging: Creation of groups with admin controls.
  • Media Sharing: Ability to share photos and files within messages.
  • Message Management: Functions to star and delete messages for better organization.


  • Profile Customization: Users can personalize their profiles with name, picture, and bio.
  • Group Features: Including group customization, admin controls, and read receipts.
  • Media Sharing: Sharing of photos and files within messages.
  • Message Management: Starring and deleting messages for better organization.


This app is designed for a wide range of users who seek a simple yet effective means of digital communication. It caters to individual users as well as groups, without targeting any specific demographic.

Technical Overview

  • Database Design: Incorporating an ER diagram for optimized database structure.
  • SQL Integration: Utilizing embedded SQL queries for effective database interaction.
  • Optimization and Indexing: Employing techniques for efficient data retrieval and management.
  • Triggers: Implementing automated processes for seamless database updates.

Data Model

Relational Schema Diagram:

Entity Relationship Diagram:

Built with


  • Successfully managed to handle concurrent communication among a large number of users.
  • Praised for its intuitive user interface and seamless messaging experience.



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